Curtis Stoaks

Who I am:

Curtis Stoaks
Curtis Stoaks

I am Curtis Stoaks a licensed REALTOR® in the state of Idaho.  My wife and I have two teenagers and a very spoiled black lab.   I am originally from Baker City, Oregon, and moved to the area in 2004.

My biggest hobbies are Computers, Electronics, Amateur Radio, and Cooking/BBQ.  I will also be sharing recipes and cooking photographs and videos, as well as information on new gadgets that have caught my eye.

Why I Act the Way I Do:

I grew up in a small town, with a mother who had an in-home daycare, a father who got up at 3:30 AM to go to work driving a garbage truck every day for 35 years. We didn’t have a lot, we had what we needed. Dad never one time complained about his income.

I know there was stress to be able to pay the bills and provide. Dad salvaged anything he thought he might be able to sell, he also mowed the lawn and did small handyman jobs for a widow with a home and huge lot on the hill. Every time something came up that would provide income, or extra food on the table dad was there doing it.

Every summer we went to the woods and cut 13 cords of wood to heat the house through the winter. We had a huge garden that we tended in the summer and canned or froze everything. Every day, except Sunday, my dad would work from sun up(usually before sun up) to sundown to keep the family going. Dad would fall asleep after dinner sitting on the floor so the dog (who wasn’t allowed on the couch) could lay beside him.

Dad was the ultimate “do it yourself” individual, from home repairs, appliance repair, hand-dug foundations, moving buildings by hand, building a three-story chimney for the wood furnace he put in the basement, car repair you get the idea.

He and mom were generous to anyone who needed it. They shared what little we had all the time.

I learned skills from my parents that could never have been learned in school. I learned that you don’t get anything you don’t earn and work hard for. I learned that no job is beneath you when you have a family to provide for. I learned that you may know people who seem to have it all, you may feel jealous, but a family who struggles and fights together is priceless. I learned that hard work is not rewarded the way it should be, but that doesn’t change the pride in a job well done. Dad never did anything halfway. He always showed pride in his work no matter the monetary return. This is my story, I am who I am because of my childhood mentor my father.

In honor of my parents who have greatly encouraged my career in real estate.

Love you, mom and dad,