Kuna Idaho – Home of Kuna Days

About Kuna Idaho:


in 1863 the Kuna Idaho area was known as Fifteen Mile Station. This name was chosen due to the area’s distance from Boise along the route between Boise and Silver City.

In 1881 the Oregon Short Line Railway began building through the valley. Having bypassed Boise due to the hills that the trains would have to climb the line was routed through the Kuna area then to Nampa, Caldwell, and on to Oregon.  The rail line placed a construction and materials camp at Fifteen Mile Station. Once the rail line was completed they placed a station at that location and called it “Kuna.”

A settlement grew up around the railroad station. Between 1883 and 1887 the Kuna station was relied upon for moving freight and passengers from Kuna to Boise and other communities in the area. The Kuna post office was established in 1884.

In 1887 a branch line was built between Nampa and Boise and the need to move freight and passengers from Kuna to Boise ended. The community that had been growing around the station faded away.

In the early 1900s, the US Reclamation Service planned to build reservoirs in the area and bring irrigation water to more of the Treasure Valley. In 1905 Mr. and Mrs. Fremont H Teed anticipating the value of the irrigation water coming to the area filed a 200-acre claim under the Desert Land Act. That 200-acre claim is where Kuna sits today. The Teeds re-established the Kuna post office in July of 1905. With the irrigation water, and the proximity to the railroad the area became more attractive to homesteaders.

Today Kuna Idaho is one of the fastest-growing areas in the state. The population almost tripled from 2000 to 2010. With an estimated population of 17,902 in 2016. According to the city website, they estimate their current population to be 19,700.

Arts & Culture:

Kuna History Center: The Kuna Historical Society was incorporated in July 2000. Dedicated to the discovery and preservation of Kuna’s history the society has opened the Kuna History Center to preserve and display artifacts of the area’s past.
Location: 329 Main Street Kuna Idaho
Hours: 11 AM to 2 PM Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday

Pioneer Cemetery: Early during Kuna’s history, a diphtheria epidemic swept through the community. Pioneer Cemetery has approximately 12 graves. The cemetery is located near the original route of the Silver Trail along Stage Coach Road. Pioneer Cemetery honors the early pioneers who settled the region.

Parks & Recreation:

Colonel Bernard Fisher Veterans Memorial Park sits in the center of Kuna Idaho and features a playground, picnic tables, covered shelters, bandstand, and charcoal bbq.

Kuna Days is an annual celebration held on the first weekend of August. The event includes vendors in the park, live music, free kids carnival, a rubber duck race in Indian Creek, a BBQ fundraiser at the Fire Station, a Parade, a Street Dance, and a Fireworks Show.

The Snake River Birds of Prey Festival is held every year in mid-May. Taking advantage of the nearby Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area, which holds North America’s densest population of nesting raptors, it offers lectures and tours about raptors, as well as about local history.


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