Writing an Offer to Purchase a Home

You have found the one!

House Keys
House Keys

Congratulations you have now found a home that you are excited about and you’re ready to write an offer! Here are some things you will want to think about. Your REALTOR® will be able to help you with each piece of the puzzle as you build your offer to purchase a home.

An offer to purchase a home includes:

  • The amount you are willing to pay for the property
  • The amount of earnest money you are going to deposit
  • Information on your financing – down payment, interest rate, amount of loan
  • Inspection contingency (time for you to have the property inspected)
  • Items that are not real property that you expect to be included with the home at closing.
  • Who is going to handle the closing?
  • Which party is going to pay specific closing costs?
  • When is closing going to be?

Many home buyers do not know that they have the opportunity to customize their offer in this way.  Knowing this information going into the offer process will help you feel more confident that your offer is exactly the way you want it to be.

It today’s market many buyers are in a competing scenario with their offers. This situation makes it imperative that buyers either write their highest and best offer the first time or write a super clean offer that minimizes the number of seller concessions that are requested.  Your REALTOR® is an expert in the market that they serve and it is their job to advise you in this area.

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